Issue - meetings

Presentation of Petitions (if any)

Meeting: 27/10/2016 - Planning Committee (Item 183)

Presentation of Petition


The Chairman (Councillor Perry) left the meeting whilst this item and the following four items were considered.  The Vice-Chairman (Councillor English) took the Chair.


Councillor Brice presented a petition signed by over 130 people calling for a safe crossing at Cuckolds Corner, Staplehurst.  Councillor Brice explained that the petition had been organised in response to the latest plans shared by the Planning Officers relating to the crossroads.  The petitioners wanted to see any improvements made at the crossroads to include the following:


·  Safe pavement widths and wide crossing points for all pedestrians, including wheelchair users, people using buggies, etc.;


·  Safe pedestrian crossings at the crossroads as the current re-positioning of the High Street crossing, away from the lights, was too close to a blind bend especially having regard to stopping distances;


·  Extension of the double yellow lines on the Headcorn Road to stop traffic weaving in and out of parked cars; and


·  Additional car lanes created only where there is the required minimum space for a busy A-road with a great deal of HGV/farm traffic.


Councillor Brice added that the emerging Local Plan and the Integrated Transport Strategy identified this crossroads as in need of improvements, and this should be for the benefit of all residents of Staplehurst, not just people driving through the village, and should focus as well on cyclists with the provision of cycling boxes and cycling lanes.


It was noted that the petition would be considered in conjunction with the reports of the Head of Planning and Development relating to applications 14/505432, 15/507124 and 15/510186 later in the meeting.