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Decommissioning Part of the Public Realm CCTV Service

Meeting: 14/11/2017 - Communities, Housing and Environment Committee (Item 69)

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The Committee considered the report of the Head of Housing and Communities which provided Members with an update on reducing the hours of monitoring of CCTV cameras to 84 hours per week and the consultation undertaken with MaidSafe and Kent Police on the impact of reducing the hours of monitoring.


It was noted that the number of cameras that remained in operation and are being monitored by Medway Control Group (MCG) had been reduced to 33.  This comprised of 28 static cameras and 4 mobile cameras and a single camera that utilised a wireless link.

Councillor English addressed the Committee as a representative of One Maidstone.  He emphasised that One Maidstone considered that the reduction in hours of monitoring was not ideal but agreed that this would be an acceptable level of service.

Members raised the following points:-


·  That CCTV cameras make people feel safe, particularly the elderly.  However, the Police should be paying for this service.

·  That the CCTV cameras used by Shop Retailers could be linked up.

·  That partnership working and a review of the technology should be looked as part of the tendering process.


RESOLVED:  That Option 3 as outlined in paragraph 5.3 to the report be implemented by the Head of Housing and Community Services.


Voting:  For:  7  Against:  1  Abstentions: 0