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Cobtree Manor Park Car Park

Meeting: 25/01/2018 - Cobtree Manor Estate Charity Committee (Item 55)

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Mr Jason Taylor, the Leisure Manager, presented a report which set out the proposed improvements to the car park at Cobtree Manor Park. 


The Committee noted that the car park was very wet in the winter and very dusty in the summer and marking out of the bays had proved  difficult.


Mr Taylor drew attention to the Exempt Appendix to the report which contained details of the successful bid for the car park improvement works.  He emphasised that an additional £10,000 had been included to carry out the extra works to the bottom car park and another £10,000 to appoint a Project Manager to oversee the works.


The Committee was asked to consider increasing the car park charges following the completion of the car park improvement works.  It was felt that the charges should be increased consistently and that the Council should be encouraged to align Mote Park car parking charges at the appropriate time.


Members expressed concern that should the improvement works be approved, the Charity’s reserves would be low.  However, Mr Holland suggested that the capital payments to the Council could be made in instalments rather than all at once.  Mr Holland was requested to provide a cash flow statement to all Members of the Committee.



1)  That the Car Park Improvement works to proceed at a cost of
  £214,500 be agreed, including £10,000 to carry out the extra
  works to the bottom car park and £10,000 to appoint a project
  manager to oversee the works.

2)  That delegated authority be given to the Director of Finance and
  Business Improvement to award the contract to the successful
  contractor detailed in Exempt Appendix 3 to the report of the Head
   of Regeneration and Economic Development.

3)  That delegated authority be given to the Head of Mid Kent Legal
  Services to enter in the necessary contracts with the contractor.

4)  That the daily car parking charge be increased from £1.50 to £2,
  and the annual residents season ticket price from £40 to £50 upon
  the completion of the car park improvement works.

  Voting:  Unanimous