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Alternative Sustainable Transport Measures (Scope)

Meeting: 10/04/2018 - Strategic Planning, Sustainability and Transportation Committee (Item 197)

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Mrs Tay Arnold, the Planning Projects Delivery Manager, gave a presentation outlining the scope and timescales for a report outlining alternative sustainable transport measures which was requested by the Committee at its meeting of 22 January 2018.


Mrs Arnold conveyed to the Committee that:


·  The report would consider a range of deliverable, short term, sustainable transport alternatives to the current Park and Ride service and would be presented to the Committee at the same time as the review of the changes to the Park and Ride service.

·  In terms of the timing of the report, it was recommended that the report be brought back to the Committee in December rather than October as agreed at the meeting of 22 January 2018. The reason for this amendment in the timetable was to ensure accurate data was captured on Park and Ride users following the change to pay to park which was due to be introduced on 1 June 2018.

·  At the same time, the report would assess whether the proposed alternative measures would be attractive to peak time commuters who did not use Park and Ride.


The Committee debated the proposals within the report and considered the issue of timing of the report. Concerns were raised that bringing a report to the Committee in December would cause problems for the Council’s budget setting process, and that a compromise date of November would allow further time for data gathering without impacting on budget setting.


In response to a question from a Member of the Committee, Mrs Arnold confirmed that whilst the Borough Council had an Integrated Transport Strategy as part of its adopted Local Plan, delivery of some of the major elements of this Strategy was the responsibility of third parties.




1.  That the scope for the work be agreed and Officers be instructed to commence work.

2.  That a report is brought to this Committee outlining progress against the Integrated Transport Strategy.

3.  That a report of the Outcomes be brought to Committee in November alongside the measures of the success or otherwise of Park and Ride.


Voting: Unanimous