Testimonial - Catherine Byford Senior Auditor

My name is Catherine Byford. I’m really fortunate that Maidstone Borough Council have given me the opportunity to take a level 7 Internal Audit Professional Apprenticeship/MSc open to graduates.

The apprenticeship lasted three years, alongside my day-today work as an internal auditor, with ample study time allowed for me to complete the programme. I’ve been supported in taking my professional exams (I’m now a certified auditor), as well as gaining an MSc in Internal Audit Management & Consultancy.

I have had fantastic support from the Audit Team, and genuinely feel that my learning has helped me to make a positive contribution to our work. I have learnt so much, not only in regard to my specific profession, but also around other subjects such as project management, business ethics and innovation.

The apprenticeship has allowed me to connect with auditors at different stages in their career, and from different industries - learning about and understanding different approaches and viewpoints in this respect has been invaluable. As well as having numerous contacts through the programme on a professional basis, I’ve also made some really good friends!

The apprenticeship has definitely helped me with career progression - I was promoted to Senior Auditor during the programme, and along with continuing professional development, my qualifications signify that I hold the relevant skills and knowledge required to reach the very top of my profession.