Report Street Problems

If you have a problem with a street in your area, tell us using one of the forms below.

Note on 'dog bone' markings: Kent County Council don't place double yellow lines or other restrictions on the highway for access to private driveways. If there's something stopping you from exiting your driveway you should report it to the Police by calling 101.



Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste and it is a criminal offence. You could be fined or face a prison sentence if you dump waste illegally.

The council, Environment Agency (EA) and the police can prosecute anyone caught fly-tipping. The fines can be up to £50,000 or a six-month prison sentence. The police can also seize vehicles involved in fly-tipping. Find out more about fly-tipping fines on our fixed penalty notices page.

It is also an offence to allow waste to be removed from your property without an authorised waste transfer note if the waste ends up in a fly tip.

If you need to get rid of your waste you can take it to any of the household recycling centres in Tovil and Allington.

Report Fly-Tipping



We provide a clean and tidy borough for everyone to enjoy by:

  • Cleaning the town centre by 9am every morning and to retain a response cleansing team in retail trading hours.
  • Emptying the town centre litter bins as necessary on an ongoing basis.
  • Inspecting every footway of the town bus routes every week and mobilise a litter pick when necessary.
  • Making sure that the town bus routes do not fall below an acceptable level of cleanliness.
  • Inspecting all residential streets in urban areas and villages on a five-week cycle and carry out all necessary cleansing work.
  • Inspecting and cleaning all shopping parades which we are responsible for, when required.
  • Responding to reported fly-tipping and litter incidents within one working day.
  • Opening and closing the council's toilets at the times advertised.
  • Cleaning the council's toilets every day.

If you are caught littering, you could be fined. Find out more about fixed penalty notices.

Help us by reporting any problems:

Report a litter problem

Abandoned Vehicles


You could be fined £200 if you abandon a vehicle.

If you think there is an abandoned vehicle in your area, please report it to us. You can help us by:

Report an Abandoned Vehicle

Dead Animals


We can clean up dead animals on the streets. If you have seen one in your area, please report it to us.

Report a dead animal

Dog Mess


If you have seen a dog mess in your area, please report it to us.

Report dog mess



You could be fined £250 if you are caught graffitiing.

If you have seen illegal graffiti in your area, please report it to us. If you can, please take photographs of the graffiti or "tagging" to help us identify the person responsible.

Report graffiti

Damaged Bus Shelter


If you need to report a damaged bus stop or shelter call 01622 602162.

The location of bus stops on the pavements and the maintenance of bus stop poles and flags are the responsibility of Kent Highways Services.

Damaged or Missing Street Sign


If you need to report a damaged or missing street sign call 01622 602162.

Highway signs are the responsibility of Kent Highways Services.